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Questions & Answers

At Second Eye we understand that choosing which company to trust is an important and difficult decision. That is why we have created this question and answer page to help you understand that Second Eye is the obvious choice when it comes to selecting your partner in Profit Protection.

What can Second Eye do for my business?

Second Eye offers your business a way to impact your bottom line in a highly effective way. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise through an established network of Profit Protection professionals in the UK who are able to provide a unique service to your business. This service will highlight any areas of loss and outline ways that this can be turned into profit.

Plus, as all equipment & software is provided so there is no capital expenditure for the client.

How much do Second Eye's Profit Protection solutions cost?

At Second Eye each and every project we work on is customised for that client, so it's difficult to give a definitive price. What we can say is that as a business we are extremely transparent and we can guarantee that there is no capital expenditure for your business. You can also be assured of a fast payback once Second Eye's Profit Protection solutions have been implemented.

As a business, a better question to ask would be, "How much does it cost NOT to do it?" Second Eye finds that organisations always save more money than they spend on our Profit Protection strategies. Rest assured we work with your budget rather than against it.

How long does a project take?

This again depends on the situation. We are available to work with you on an ongoing basis or to help your business as you require it. What's important to us is that Second Eye works unobtrusively in the background. It's our aim to have minimum impact on the significant demands of you running your organisation.






How will our employees react to this activity?

Second Eye's aim is to create a safe environment for both staff and customers. That means good staff will understand and respect your determination to prevent security issues. In our experience we find they are happier working with honest staff in a secure working environment, rather than one where they may suspect wrongdoing and there is an atmosphere of distrust.

Why should my business outsource to Second Eye?

By outsourcing to Second Eye, you get experienced professionals who can apply clear and independent expertise to your organisation. You may only need them for as long as an issue requires resolution, and the procedures they implement will reduce shrinkage long after our work has ended.

Which sectors do you work in?

The vast majority of Second Eye's clients are in the retail sector, where of course profit loss arising from internal issues can be a really damaging drain on a business's bottom line.

However, we have teams in place who have successfully helped prevent loss in a wide variety of industries. These include:

Hospitality businesses

Public sector organisations

Charities and non profit organisations

Warehousing/logistics enterprises.

The fact of the matter is that if your company is suffering from unaccountable loss in profit, it doesn't really matter which industry you're in - you need Second Eye's help.

If you have any other questions about how Second Eye can help your business please contact us today.

Covert CCTV

Discreet and highly
effective, Second Eye’s Covert CCTV services mean you can easily identify malpractices in your business. We install systems that utilise state-of-the-art technology - at affordable prices with no capital expenditure.

CCTV Footage Monitoring

Second Eye are experts in the viewing and monitoring of CCTV footage. We are one of the few organisations that will monitor footage on your behalf, saving you time, reducing shrinkage and giving you extra peace of mind. This footage could be from your own overt or covert systems.


Second Eye helps organisations gather the evidence needed to deal quickly and effectively with issues that lead to lost profits. We act discreetly but decisively on your behalf to protect your profits and allow your business to grow.

Profit Protection

Second Eye provides a tailored service to ensure that your business’ profits are protected. This approach is based on pinpointing the issues, taking action to tackle them and creating a solution that reduces shrinkage.

Tracking System

Second Eye’s tracking technology provides a state of the art system to pinpoint the location of your stock or vehicles - and our service is unique as we are the only company that will follow this tracker and carry the Investigation through to a conclusion.