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Profit Protection

Second Eye - providing a unique approach to Profit Protection. At Second Eye we understand that no two organisations have the same needs when it comes to protecting and securing profit. That is why we offer a tailored approach based on a successful process: targeting the issues, taking action to tackle problems and creating a solution that reduces shrinkage and increases profitability.

The Second Eye Approach

Specialists in retail, Second Eye works with all sectors and organisations of all sizes to identify, prevent and take action against any issues in the workplace that are affecting profits.

We offer a highly customised service, working in partnership with you to understand the issues your business faces and providing the most cost effective and successful solutions to meet these challenges.

Our flexible and customer-centric approach means that we can act as a full-service Profit Protection partner, working discreetly but effectively alongside your organisation to reduce profit loss on a continual basis.

On the other hand, you can use our services as and when you require them. This could mean using us to complement your existing audit compliance facility or utilising our expertise to target a specific problem within your organisation.

Whatever your requirements Second Eye are your Profit Protection partners, offering a professional and transparent service which deals with the challenges of your business in the most efficient and effective way.


Covert CCTV

Discreet and highly
effective, Second Eye’s Covert CCTV services mean you can easily identify malpractices in your business. We install systems that utilise state-of-the-art technology - at affordable prices with no capital expenditure.

CCTV Footage Monitoring

Second Eye are experts in the viewing and monitoring of CCTV footage. We are one of the few organisations that will monitor footage on your behalf, saving you time, reducing shrinkage and giving you extra peace of mind. This footage could be from your own overt or covert systems.


Second Eye helps organisations gather the evidence needed to deal quickly and effectively with issues that lead to lost profits. We act discreetly but decisively on your behalf to protect your profits and allow your business to grow.

Profit Protection

Second Eye provides a tailored service to ensure that your business’ profits are protected. This approach is based on pinpointing the issues, taking action to tackle them and creating a solution that reduces shrinkage.

Tracking System

Second Eye’s tracking technology provides a state of the art system to pinpoint the location of your stock or vehicles - and our service is unique as we are the only company that will follow this tracker and carry the Investigation through to a conclusion.